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Games In Londinium by John Drake

Modern Britain is dead centre mainstream in world culture. It is densely populated and profoundly un-mysterious.  It is built on, over, under and around with bricks and concrete. It explains[…]

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Our September Book of the Month

Our September Book of the Month is the most gripping true spy story of the Cold War: Next Stop Execution, the autobiography of Oleg Gordievsky. This second edition comes with[…]

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Bless Thine Inheritance by Sophia Holloway

Writing a romance where the ‘heroine’ (and I dislike the term) has a disability may sound pretty odd, but it was not done as some token nod to inclusivity. What[…]

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The Vengeance Man by John MacRae

When I first wrote The Vengeance Man twenty years ago, it was very much a singleton: a one-off thriller based on a mixture of individuals I had come across in[…]

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