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A scattered mind: portraying mental illness in ‘A Thin Sheet of Glass’, by Pippa Beecheno

I inherited a story based on loss: a black hole of a loss, a loss from within a closely knit extended family – a family that didn’t know about its[…]

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Death Logs In by E. J. Simon

Where did I get the inspiration for Death Logs In? Death Logs In is the follow up novel to Death Never Sleeps – it’s a free-standing sequel. The inspiration for[…]

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Researching The Fear at Rockbridge Hall and Dear Miss Maitheson, by Tim Heath

Both my novellas are set in the period 1890-1, and so a certain amount of research was required. Ever since writing my Sherlock Holmes play, The Adventure at Sir Arthur Sullivan’s,[…]

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A Collar of Jewels by Pamela Pope

My novel A Collar of Jewels is initially based on a true story once told to me by a very elderly friend.  Just prior to the start of the 20th[…]

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