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The Constant Evolution of a Writer-Dad, by Robert Parker

I love being a writer-dad, without question. I have three children. Young children, ages of 7 years old, 3 and 8 months. Two girls to start with, then a little[…]

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Don’t Go Out After Dusk… by Sally Spedding

Myself and my artist husband moved from Wales to Northampton in 1996 for his new job at its university. In grief at leaving our rural idyll, I checked on a[…]

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The Williamson Papers by Tom Williams

Having published my three books about James Burke, a real person who operated as a spy during the Napoleonic wars, Endeavour are now publishing the John Williamson Chronicles. The John[…]

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Eagles by Lewis Orde

An author friend once told me that God created people for one reason only – for authors to use as characters in books. My friend was exaggerating, he often did[…]

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