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the imprints

Endeavour Media is our mainlist, covering crime, thriller, general and nonfiction, romance, historical and women’s fiction, and action and adventure.

Endeavour Quill is our new print wing, working with traditional print runs and high street bookshops to bring commerical fiction and nonfiction to wider markets.

Endeavour Verlag is the German-language imprint, offering great fiction to Germany.
Endeavour Verlag ist unser deutschsprachiger Verlag, der Deutschland eine große Fiktion bietet.

Endeavour Frontier is our westerns imprint, lasso-ing the biggest and best from the hot Wild West and bringing them right to your eReader.

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Endeavour Venture is our science fiction, fantasy, horror and YA imprint – if you fancy a trip to the stars, or you’re away with the fairies, we’ve got books for you!

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Endeavour Compass champions unfairly forgotten out-of-copyright books, carefully picking them out of the past and publishing them in the present just for you.

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