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Ella Maud

By nicholas nicastro

A beautiful young woman disappears from her home after bidding a fateful goodnight to her sweetheart. She is found dead in the Pasquotank River 36 days later. He is convicted TWICE for her murder – but is innocent. So what really happened…?

In Ella Maud, Nicholas Nicastro revisits a haunting mystery that still fascinates a nation a century later. His masterly re-imagining of these tragic events sees beyond the prejudices that destroys families and taints small communities but corrodes civilisation itself. Nicastro’s simple story-telling style, with its kaleidoscopic perspectives, is moving, beautiful and profound. He echoes the footfall of greats like Herman Melville, William Saroyan, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Louisa M. Alcott, Harper Lee and Alice Walker. A massive achievement.

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“This is a splendid novel, meticulously researched and beautifully written… The ending is a tour-de-force.”

Joy Martin


“In this well-researched book, Nicastro cannily reveals just enough about Nell’s death to make readers uneasy until just before the wistful conclusion… The author skilfully makes his point that one misdeed produces many victims. The author continues his successful run of historical fiction with this thought-provoking crime tale.”

Kirkus Reviews

“There is a great sense of time and place, fascinating historical details of dress, manners, and American family life… An excellent read.”

A. V. Denham


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