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When Phoebe Harkness isn’t trying to cure the disease that killed the world, she’s roped into an unwilling role as ambassador between the humans of New Oxford, and the Genetic Others. Now, a new power rises at Sanctum, and the boy who would be king is bringing his carnival to their Halloween streets. A vampire pride march in a city fuelled by prejudice and intolerance: what could possibly go wrong? Indeed, somebody, or something, clearly wants to cancel the festivities, and is picking off the vampires one at a time…

But what kind of monster hunts monsters?

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Praise for James Fahy…

A clever post-apocalyptic fantasy, full of hilarious one-liners

new york journal of books

Intelligently crafted horror-thriller… Absolutely engrossing and left me wanting more

simon clark

Hell’s Teeth is a compelling, original story which kept me eagerly reading to the last page

Innate Plethora, L. K. Smith

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