A Corpse in Diplomacy by Miriam Borgenicht

A Corpse in Diplomacy by Miriam Borgenicht

Tonight she had let him hold her hand. Tomorrow night? He went into her room. It was quiet, the bed unmade, the newspapers sprawled on the floor. Kate’s maid was sick, he remembered. Well, he would tidy up the bed, anyway.

So he folded the papers and pulled the green cover from where it was bunched over the foot of her bed. He bent to straighten the folds on the side.

But he didn’t straighten them, after all. Because a body was lying under the bed.

Intrigue in Washington; murder in diplomatic circles. Kate Whipple, Washington newspaper columnist, unpredictable and eager for a good story, finds herself the centre of a conspiracy.

Miriam Borgenicht (1915-1992) was an American writer. She graduated from Barnard College in 1936 and worked for the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression. She became the author of 17 suspense novels known for their inventiveness and wit. Her first mystery, A Corpse in Diplomacy, was published in 1949. Her last book, No Duress, appeared in 1991.

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