A Hidden Heart of Fire by Edna Dawes

A Hidden Heart of Fire by Edna Dawes

Who knows the secret hidden beneath the depths?

When fashion photographer Nancy Martin visits her aunt on a Pacific Island, she finds not a tropical paradise but an Australian Marine Sciences Research Station with only basic facilities, and staff mourning the drowning of a colleague.

Aware of uneasy relationships, Nancy soon discovers the research director is making secret dives at Disaster Point, a treacherous depth well beyond their working area. Taking with him a newly arrived underwater photographer who struggles to know one end of a camera from the other, it soon becomes clear to Nancy that some people are driven by a reckless need to meet a challenge.

A Hidden Heart of Fire is a cautionary tale that will take readers on a journey of thrills, reminding us how the desires of the human heart are a constant surprise.

Edna Dawes is one of the pen-names of Emma Drummond, born in 1931. Her father was a member of the British Army stationed in Hong Kong, where Drummond spent the early years of her life. As well as writing books, she worked in the Women’s Royal Army Corps. She is the bestselling author of many historical romances as well as the popular World War II novels And In The MorningAt The Going Down Of The SunWe Will Remember and Shadows Over The Sun.

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