An Afternoon of Time by Don Charlwood

An Afternoon of Time by Don Charlwood

In these twelve finely-wrought stories, the countryside of Victoria becomes a small timeless world rich with human experience.

Partly based on the author’s own experiences, these stories are united by the land and people they describe and by the character of their narrator, a young man who is at once part of the life around him and a detached observer of it.

Whether he is travelling through country haunted by the spirits of his ancestors, being a participant in adventures set among familiar sites on the Great Ocean Road, or taking part in a woolshed dance and a rural cricket match, he is intensely aware both of the mood and scene of the moment and of the past that underlies it.

Critics have written of Don Charlwood’s “quiet, meditative, profoundly compassionate tone” and “his power to make the reader feel that he is involved in the life of the characters about whom he is reading”. They will find the same qualities in this book.

As well as writing, one of Don Charlwood’s main interests during the 1930s and ’40s was photography. Photographs taken by the author during the years he lived in and travelled through country Victoria are included in this edition of An Afternoon of Time.

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