Arias of Blood by John Gano

Arias of Blood by John Gano

What could possibly be the connection between a small itinerant opera company, the Lord Mayor of London, and an international assassin named Solomon who’s hellbent on revenge?

As George Sinclair’s hastily reassembled Floria Tosca Grand Opera Company prepare to present La Traviata in London’s Mansion House, in the presence of the Lord Mayor, they can have little idea of the orgy of blood and death that will flow from their performance.

And, when the combined forces of London’s Special Branch and Interpol cannot trace Solomon, how can George hope to do better?

John Gano was a criminology expert known for the authenticity of his novels. He specialized in law at Cambridge and spent several years visiting people in prison, giving him first-hand knowledge of life on the “inside”. Gano was the author of the Inspector Proby mystery series and two opera mysteries: Death at the Opera and Arias of Blood, in which he combines his two favourite subjects – crimes and opera.

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