Artificial Intelligence by James Adams and Richard Kletter

Artificial Intelligence by James Adams and Richard Kletter

The robots are coming — but they probably don’t look anything like you expected…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to revolutionise your life. Will it cost you your job, or give you a new career? Will it isolate or liberate you? Will it lead us all into a new type of war, or save us all from sickness?

The truth is that nobody knows, yet. But the AI revolution is fast approaching, and the world has little time to prepare. But prepare we must, because, as James Adams and Richard Kletter explain in Artificial Intelligence: Confronting the Revolution, what mankind has set in motion cannot now be undone — and it’s going to change everything.

In this ground-breaking work, Adams and Kletter clearly explain the potential and likely ramifications of AI. They show how ill-prepared we are for the forthcoming ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and look at how human beings might fare as it unfolds. Meticulously researched and extensively referenced, this guidebook to the brave new world is written by two highly credible authors, who use all of their experience, insight and contacts to give readers a privileged look into that which is to come. This is surely a ‘must read’ for anybody who takes an interest in current affairs and social history, as well as those with an interest in technology.

James Adams is a former Sunday Times journalist and entrepreneur and a former Board Member of the National Security Agency who has worked with the CIA and the White House on issues including cyber security, warfare (including cyber warfare), espionage and terrorism.

Richard Kletter has been a Research Associate at Stanford focused on new communications technology, an adjunct professor at USC where he consults for the DOD lab, The Institute For Creative Technology. He co-holds mobile software patents and ran a web content company funded by leading tech companies.

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