Bazooka Town by Rob Lofthouse

Bazooka Town by Rob Lofthouse

The second book from Sergeant Rob Lofthouse, author of the Amazon smash hit Falklands biopic A Cold Night in June.

After colleagues fall during the ferocious 1945 American advance through Germany, young German soldier Erik Baum joins the Himmler-inspired guerrilla Werewolf movement.

But as horrendous war crimes against enemy and collaborators become prevalent, Erik wishes he had seen out the war with regular forces….

Told in a real soldier’s voice, the 1945 battle for Kirchborchen forms the basis of this very real, powerful and brutal yarn. In this book, Rob Lofthouse proves he is the new Leo Kessler, and there are plenty more German wartime tales to come.

Robert Lofthouse was born in Twickenham and joined his local county infantry regiment (1 PWRR) straight after finishing school at the age of sixteen. After serving for twenty years, having served in Poland, Germany, Kenya, Canada, Falkland Islands, Iraq, Northern Ireland and Kosovo, he retired in the rank of Sergeant. He now works as a defence consultant and lives in Eastbourne with his wife and three children.

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