Beyond Watson, edited by Derrick Belanger

Beyond Watson, edited by Derrick Belanger

Imagine a Holmes without his Boswell…

Or, rather, imagine a Holmes without the voice of Watson. Is there a difference?

After all, we have learned about the great detective not through his own voice and eyes, but through that of his loyal companion, his dear friend, his Boswell. What might we be missing? Who else could tell of the great detective’s feats?

Find out as some of today’s best Sherlock Holmes authors including Derrick Belanger, Luke Kuhns, Kieran Lyne, David Marcum, Jack McDevitt, Richard Paolinelli, David Ruffle, Geri Schear, Don Smith, Elizabeth Varadan, Daniel Victor, and Marcia Wilson tell stories from the perspectives of:

Sherlock Holmes
Mrs Hudson
Colonel Sebastian Moran
Raymond Chandler
Inspector Lestrade
Winston Churchill
Violet Hunter
Henry Mencken
and many others…

Experience Holmes like never before as you go Beyond Watson! Includes a special introductory toast from Mark Levy, BSI.

Belanger Books specialises in Sherlock Holmes fiction, children’s fiction and science fiction.

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