Bitter Water by Douglas Clark

Bitter Water by Douglas Clark

A new mystery featuring the remarkable team of Detective Chief Superintendent George Masters and Detective Chief Inspector Bill Green of Scotland Yard.

Hugh Carlyle is a wealthy patron of the arts. He and his wife, Margot, are close personal friends of George and Wanda Masters, to whom they give tickets to the opening-night performance of a new farce called Round the Barley in which Carlyle has invested.

Carlyle throws a grand pool party to celebrate the play’s success. During the evening, however, lead actress Carla Sanders is pushed into the water – and just hours later, she’s dead of a rare disease. It soon becomes clear her death is no accident.

Now George Masters must put aside his personal feelings while he and Bill Green investigate the insidious murder with the support of their well-trained team.

Bitter Water is a riveting police procedural that will satisfy fans of Stuart MacBride and James Patterson.

Douglas Clark was born in Lincolnshire, 1919. He served in the Royal Horse Artillery in the 7th Armoured Division. Later he served in Amphibious Warfare until, on leaving the army in 1962, he joined the staff of a pharmaceutical company. He wrote over 20 crime novels and a number of plays for BBC radio.

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