Blitzing Rommel by John Sadler

Blitzing Rommel by John Sadler

‘Blitzing Rommel is not just an educational read, it is a compelling story of Britain’s Long Range Desert Group, the SAS and the SIG, and how ordinary men rose to the challenge, stood the line, and gave Montgomery the time and opportunity he needed to defeat Rommel at El Alamein.’ – John J. Gobbell, bestselling author of Author of Dead Man Launch and the Todd Ingram Series

For Joe Milburn, Geordie to the core and son of a tenant farmer, war presents an intoxicating mix of terror, tragedy, bloodshed, adrenalin and opportunity.

As his wartime exploits earn him admiration and respect, he begins to mix in circles very different from those he grew up in — and to take part in military operations that go not only beyond his own previous experience, but beyond the expectations of the most practised of soldiers.

Gradually, he feels his north country past, and what he assumed would be his future, slipping away. War, it seems, when needs must, has as much to do with loss — of comrades, of identity, of social structures, of assumptions — as it has to do with strategy and politics.

When Joe finds himself in North Africa he discovers, among all the loss, love, in the flawless form of Nurse Alice Fleming. Yet as he makes plans for a safer future, one more challenge calls. What else can a man expect when he keeps company with the newly-born SAS?

And that is when Joe discovers that while service on the battlefield may end, the battlefield is just one of many theatres of war — and the war fought in the soul and mind may be the most painful battle of all.

‘Patriotism, daring, cynicism and survival 1940s style. It’s all here.’ – M.C. Smith, author of The Northern Blockade and Fire in the Fjord

John Sadler is a British historian specialising in the Anglo-Scottish Border conflicts during the Middle Ages. Sadler is a regular contributor to military and historical journals and has published a number of books on the subject. He has taught and tutored history as well.

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