Blood and Honour by Wolf Kruger

Blood and Honour by Wolf Kruger

He took part in a massacre, can he ever forgive himself?

1944. The German armies are collapsing on all fronts. In a church in a remote French village, 250 women and children are ruthlessly slaughtered by desperate Germans acting under orders they dare not disobey. And for Sergeant Herzog, awarded the Iron Cross for his part in the massacre, it is the beginning of another war.

A war of principle as he faces court-martial for his refusal to wear the Cross. A war of strength and courage when, humiliated and stripped of rank, he is sent to the Eastern Front to fight in the bloodiest retreat in history. A war of pride when he finds himself confronting the arrogant Captain Ritter – an enemy as ruthless as the approaching Russians…

Blood and Honour is a gripping tale of a man’s fight for honour in the midst of the horrors of war. Perfect for fans of Ken Follett and Andy Mcnab.

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