Broadstrop in Season by Robert Kee

Broadstrop in Season by Robert Kee

The mysterious visitor changed his life.

The scene is London, in the early 1950s. A mysterious young visitor with a foreign accent appears abruptly one morning in Broadstrop’s Soho bedsit. Though dressed in tight trousers and Edwardian jacket, it soon becomes clear that the visitor, Paul Lubchik, is much more interesting than a strange Teddy Boy.

Broadstrop doesn’t know what Lubchik wants, but goes along for the ride. What follows is a wild, extravagant, lawless adventure through London, and before long he realises that ‘other forces’ are also interested in the mysterious stranger. These ‘forces’ will take matters into their own hands and bring things to a violent conclusion. Can Broadstrop escape unscathed?

Born in 1919, Robert Kee has a history degree from Oxford and has been writing ever since he left the RAF, in which he was a bomber pilot, in 1946. He has worked for Picture Postthe Observerand the Sunday Times, and has been a literary editor of the Spectator. He has also worked with the BBC and ITV on current affairs programmes and documentaries, and is well known for the award-winning BBC series Ireland: A Television History.

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