Buller’s Victory by Richard Hough

Buller’s Victory by Richard Hough

November, 1914.

The Great War is three months old, and the Royal Navy is under attack by German U-boats and fast battle cruisers in the North Sea and distant oceans. Since the Dutch Wars of the seventeenth century, the Buller family have played a leading part in keeping safe the nation and her possessions overseas.

And now, in this new trial, Captain Archibald Buller and his younger son Richard find themselves in the heat of the action, from the Falkland Islands to the Dardanelles, the Dogger Bank to Jutland. But the Germans are not the Bullers’ only enemies…

In this gripping and dramatic sequel to Buller’s Guns and Buller’s Dreadnought, Richard Hough has once again set a strong narrative against real events. With a cast of leading personalities of the day – Churchill and Lloyd George, Admirals Beatty, Jellicoe and Fisher and many more, Hough brings to life this thirty-knot story of the war at sea.

Richard Hough, the distinguished naval historian and winner of the Daily Express Best Book of the Sea Award (1972), was the author of many acclaimed books in the field including ‘Admirals in Collision’‘The Great War at Sea: 1914-18’, and ‘The Longest Battle: The War at Sea 1939-45’. He was also the biographer of Mountbatten, and his last biography, ‘Captain James Cook’, became a world bestseller.

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