The Chessboard Spies by Geoffrey Davison

When a Russian man, Andre Timovsky, is murdered on the streets of Istanbul, British agent Stephen Fletcher does all he can to extract the message from the dying man.

With very little to go on, Fletcher finds himself embroiled in a spy game that spans the Middle East. With the man’s death, Fletcher knows the Russian’s have just scored one over him … something that does not sit well with him.

“Breznov” is the only piece of information they have, but it is enough to give the C.I.A., operating in the Middle East, a lead to work on. Their first move is to follow the K.G.B. link to Cairo … As a representative of the Russian Foreign Office, Breznov is someone they need to deal with carefully. Fletcher’s arrival in Cairo coincides with the arrival of a party of Americans – and as the Russian and Turkish tensions flares up, everyone is suspicious.

But Timovsky’s dying words left more questions than answers. When Fletcher comes across Mustafa Kaddir, he wonders … Strange that Kaddir, an illegal arms smuggler, was in Cairo the same time as Breznov. Suddenly, Fletcher realises the Russian plot goes deeper than he thought … The West must beat the Russians at their own game … Fletcher was certain they had an ulterior plan.

Dr. Geoffrey Davison was a university lecturer in Malaysia, a conservationist with WWF and the National Parks Board in Singapore. In addition to writing fiction books, his portfolio also consists of numerous scientific papers and books, such as the best-selling Naturalist’s Guide to the Birds of Malaysia. He has also authored The Berlin Spy Trap, also published by Endeavour Media.

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