Cold Relations by Gerald Hammond

Cold Relations by Gerald Hammond

Detective Sergeant Honey Laird has finally cleared her overflowing desk and is looking forward to spending some time with her husband, but it seems that’s not to be: an email arrives from an old school friend which begins yet another difficult investigation.

Honey finds herself trying to babysit her friend’s ex-husband Andrew: a trigger-happy former SAS officer with a temper, a head injury and a penchant for attractive women. When Andrew’s prized Springer spaniel pups go missing after a grouse shoot at a Borders castle, Honey is left with no clues, that is until Henry Colebrook, a wealthy supermarket mogul, also mysteriously disappears . . .

Honey must delve into the dangerous world of shooting and interview a cast of suspicious characters, including the irritable soldier, a rugged publican, an angry father and an old hermit, and then there’s the curious love-triangle between some of the locals that should be looked into . . . But when Henry Colebrook’s body turns up in an isolated loch, Honey’s investigation takes a serious turn.

Gerald Hammond’s thrilling new novel introduces a slew of unforgettable characters, led through the complex twists and turns by the delightful Honeypot and her trusty crime-solving Labrador, Pippa.

Gerald Hammond is a retired architect and the creator of the mystery series featuring John Cunningham, a dog breeder in Scotland, and Keith Calder, a gunsmith. He also writes under the pseudonyms Arthur Douglas and Dalby Holden.

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