Crooks Hollow by Rob Parker

Crooks Hollow by Rob Parker

They tried to kill him. He had no idea what he was about to discover.

In the quiet village of Crook’s Hollow, almost exactly between Manchester and Liverpool, land and pride are king. And now someone has just tried to kill Thor Loxley – but Thor has no clue as to why. As the estranged youngest of the omnipresent Loxley farming dynasty, all of whom view him as a traitor, in a village where everybody knows everybody else’s business, life is hard enough.

But here, farmers do things the old way. You deal with problems on your own terms. You avoid involving the authorities. With nobody to turn to, Thor sets out to uncover who wronged him…

But with corrupt land developers circling, the rival Crook family seeking to unsettle the Loxleys at every turn, his own family despising him, and jealous old acquaintances lurking, the mystery plunges ever deeper – and up floats more greed, betrayal, secrecy and blood than Thor could possibly imagine.

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