Cupcakes and Candlesticks by Nora Fountain

Cupcakes and Candlesticks by Nora Fountain

When Maddy’s husband Rob suddenly announces that he’s leaving her and moving to Canada with his pretty young employee, her world comes crashing down.

As Rob’s promises of financial support prove worthless, Maddy finds herself under growing pressure to forge a new life for herself and her four children. She decides to start a catering business, but will it earn enough money — and is that what she really wants? And then along comes the gorgeous Guy Deverill in the strangest of circumstances …

Fate conspires to throw every obstacle in her path from planning laws to sick children but she won’t give up.

Nora Fountain is a professional novelist and translator. Her short stories have been published in many magazines in the UK and abroad. She writes both contemporary and historical romance, and loves to paint. Nora has served on the committee of the Romantic Novelists Association and is a member of the Society of Authors and the Chartered Institute of Linguists. She lives in Dorset, where she finds Thomas Hardy country and the people who live there, an inspiration.

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