Dancing Made Easy by Phillip Depoy

Dancing Made Easy by Phillip Depoy

Flap Tucker is not your typical private detective.

Brought in to investigate the body of a girl hanging from a streetlight, Flap finds his mystical talents are starting to wane. Thrust into Atlanta’s seedy underworld, he’s caught between two mobsters fighting over love and money and a brilliant musician with a dark secret. But when another dangling corpse turns up, he must quickly find the killer – powers or no powers.

Lead on a wild goose chase by a murderer, Flap struggles to find his footing in what may be his strangest case yet. Realising the killer must be a dancer, it’s up to him to recover his special talents and unravel the truth. Will he solve the mystery in time before the deadly dancer claims one last partner?

Dancing Made Easy is a gripping mystery thriller and the fourth in the Flap Tucker mystery series.

Phillip DePoy is an American playwright, poet, and author.

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