Dead Letter by Douglas Clark

Dead Letter by Douglas Clark

A particularly taxing problem takes Detective Chief Superintendent George Masters and Detective Chief Inspector Bill Green, Scotland Yard’s top detective team, on a Mediterranean holiday—and takes Green back in time to the Second World War and his experiences of army life.

Detective Chief Inspector Bill Green receives an anonymous letter from a former army comrade who has inadvertently witnessed a murder. The writer has good reason to maintain anonymity; one of the accomplices happens to be a local policeman.

Green and his partner, Detective Chief Superintendent George Masters, face one of the greatest challenges of their careers as they launch a subtle investigation without arousing the suspicion of a corrupt colleague who is dangerously adept in using his professional police skills for malicious purposes.

Dead Letter is the twenty-first book in Douglas Clark’s classic British mystery series following crime-fighting duo, Masters and Green.

Douglas Clark was born in Lincolnshire, 1919. He wrote over 20 crime novels and under other names, including James Ditton and Peter Hosier.

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