Dead Men Rise Up Never by James Pattinson

Dead Men Rise Up Never by James Pattinson

War is coming, but murder had arrived.

“We thank with brief thanksgiving, whatever gods may be, that no life lives for ever; That dead men rise up never.”

When Arnie Taylor took the red MG from Brock’s Wood he had no idea it would make him a murder suspect. But others were in even more trouble, and when DI Ellis started asking questions, several people began to feel distinctly uneasy. Turns out they all had good reasons for wanting Harry Hassett dead.

There were plenty of suspects, but Ellis’s problem was finding enough evidence to nail any one of them. In the hazy late summer of 1938, the threat of war in Europe hung in the air. But for the people of the Norfolk village of Cotterham, a murder in their midst was a far more compelling topic of conversation…

Dead Men Rise Up Never is a taut murder mystery-thriller for fans of The Casual Vacancy and Anne Cleeves.

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