Death Walks Skid Row by Michael Mallory

Death Walks Skid Row by Michael Mallory

This is Skid Row, and it’s never a beautiful day in this neighborhood.’

As if life in Los Angeles’s infamous Skid Row isn’t challenging enough, someone is murdering homeless men. For the police it is just another case. But for young television newswoman Ramona Rios, whose crusade against injustice has already earned the enmity of the city’s most influential power-broker, it becomes a cause.

Then when Ramona suddenly finds herself manouevred out of her job she joins forces with another Skid Row ‘streeter’ – one with a secret – to crack the mystery. It soon becomes less a question of who is doing the killing than can this unlikely detective team avoid becoming victims of the deadly menace that preys upon the Row?

In his streetwise crime mystery Death Walks Skid Row, Michael Mallory has created in Ramona Rios not a female super-hero but a brave and resourceful woman determined to fight corruption.

Michael Mallory is an internationally recognised authority on 20th century pop culture. He has written six books and more than 400 magazine and newspaper articles on such subjects as film history, animation and comic books. Within the realm of fiction he is best known as the author of the Amelia Watson mystery series, which chronicles the adventures of the second wife of Dr John H. Watson, friend to Sherlock Holmes. In addition, Mike is a frequent public speaker, a joke-writer, a former newscaster, and even taken an acting role or two. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son.

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