December Passions by Christopher Nicole

December Passions by Christopher Nicole

Fabulously wealthy, daring Nicholas Minnett has known many beautiful women – but never one to match Lorna Fitzgerald.

The moment he met her, he knew that to trust her was folly. But from the first taste of her flesh, there was no turning back. And on a trail of lust, violence, treachery and terror that led from a great English estate to the corruption of the most depraved city on the Continent, from a bloody battle on the burning sands of Egypt to a nightmare ship’s cabin where passionate pleasuring and hideous torture were part of the same deadly game – Europe’s fate hung on a woman’s silk-smooth lips and a man’s steely strength.…

December Passions is the climactic novel of the amorous trilogy, which includes The Captain’s Woman and French Kiss.

Christopher Nicole’s novels have been read by millions all over the world. Born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana, he later attended colleges in Guyana and in Barbados. In his long prolific career, Nicole has published over 200 novels and non-fiction works

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