Devil Under the Skin by James Pattinson

Devil Under the Skin by James Pattinson

The show must not go on

Howard Layton is player-manager of the Merrymakers drama troupe, and playing in drafty parish halls to unsophisticated audiences was getting more and more difficult. He sensed he was fighting a losing battle against the competition of cinema and radio.

Yet and his wife still had ambitions for the career of their talented young daughter, the star of the show. But when she is murdered, their drama turns to tragedy. Why would anyone want to kill her?

Devil Under the Skin is a tense, taut thriller about the power of ambition, whatever the setting. If you love Jane Parker or Alexander McCall-Smith, you’ll love this claustrophobic drama.

James Pattinson (1915 – 2009) was a full-time author who, despite having travelled throughout the world, lived in the remote village where he grew up. He wrote magazine articles, short stories and radio features as well as numerous novels including Crane and The Silent Voyage.

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