Dishonour Among Thieves by James Pattinson

Dishonour Among Thieves by James Pattinson

Tom Benton never intended to get involved in a violent armed robbery.

He knew that Gus Houlder was crazy and not safe to have around with a sawn-off shotgun. The idiot might do anything – and in the end he did the worst. After that luck began to run out fast for all the gang – Benton, Sangster, Dobie and Jackie, as well as Gus himself.

So Benton walks out and returns to his roots, down on the farm, desperately trying to escape his past. But he finds trouble there too, and is forced to return to London as he needs money. That was the worst mistake he ever made…

Dishonour Among Thieves is a gripping, tense crime thriller that will satisfy fans of Stuart MacBride and Ian Rankin.

James Pattinson (1915-2009) was a full-time author who, despite having travelled throughout the world, lived in the remote village where he grew up. He wrote magazine articles, short stories and radio features as well as numerous novels including Crane and The Silent Voyage.

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