Doctor’s Forbidden Love by Sonia Deane

Doctor’s Forbidden Love by Sonia Deane

Can their once heart racing love be revived?

Although Dr Tessa Lane had only met Dr Giles Rutherford once, three years ago, the meeting had been a memorable—and passionate—one.

Now, totally unexpectedly, he has come back into her life—and it looks as if this time he is going to stay . . . But have the years between them turned the fact that he was in love with her into a tragedy?

Sonia Deane is a widow with one son, lives in the Cotswolds, and has written over 120 books. The Doctor-Nurse stories were fortuitous. She chose a doctor hero and from then her readers wanted a medical background. Having personal friends who are doctors enables Sonia Deane’s research to be verified. She has also been out with an ambulance team and donned a white coat in hospital!

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