Dogsbody by Gerald Hammond

Dogsbody by Gerald Hammond

John Cunningham is taken aback when Evelyn Hill appears at his door one evening, her hair wild, her clothes bloodstained, and a policeman at her side.

The story she tells is shocking – her home is ablaze and in the grounds the firemen have found her precious German shepherd Atilla, with injuries that suggest he had been run over. Isobel, John’s partner, battles unsuccessfully to save the dog and John is reluctantly forced to offer the haughty Mrs Hill a bed for the night.

Unfortunately that is only the start of John’s troubles. A few days later Atilla’s body is stolen from his grave and an arson attack is made on the cars in John’s driveway. But most horrifying of all is the discovery of a woman’s body in the ruined building. Now, John’s house guest is a prime suspect for murder…

Dogsbody is a taut thriller-mystery from a master of suspense.

Gerald Hammond worked as an architect for thirty years, before taking early retirement in 1982. He lives in Scotland, and spends his time shooting, fishing and writing – ‘Anything else I do reluctantly and under protest.’

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