Don’t Look Back by Miriam Borgenicht

Don’t Look Back by Miriam Borgenicht

The town of Slocum was corrupt from top to bottom, ruthlessly controlled by its gangster boss, Stan Drexler, who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted.

The medical examiner, Dr. Chris Hart, was a good doctor and an honest man—but too innocent to realize the criminal lengths to which Drexler would go to obtain the fake autopsy report that Chris had refused him.

Carol, Chris’s beautiful secretary, knew what he refused to admit. Rushing to Chris’s house, she was just able to snatch his six-year-old son before Drexler’s goons could get to him. But where were Carol and the small, tired boy to turn for help in this gangster-ridden town? The law was Drexler, and the arm of the law his hired thugs.

Miriam Borgenicht graduated from Barnard College in 1936 and worked for the federal Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression. She married Milton Klein and became the author of 17 suspense novels known for their inventiveness and wit. Her first mystery, Corpse in Diplomacy, was published in 1949. Her last book, No Duress, appeared in 1991.

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