Doone Walk by Douglas Clark

Doone Walk by Douglas Clark

When rising star DCS George Masters is taken ill after a crime scene accident, he is sent to the countryside to recover.

Whilst on a walk to help his convalescence, a young boy approaches him and asks for help in finding his daddy. Masters asks when the boy last saw his father, and the answer puts Masters on alert: “On Tuesday morning.”

Despite knowing there could have been many reasons the father hasn’t come home, Masters’ instincts tell him that something is not right. When the father’s name ties into a murder at a bank that his partner DCI Bill Green is working on, the mystery only grows. These two seasoned policemen will have to use all their wits to find the answers. How does a small town father fit into the robbery and murder up in London?

Douglas Clark was born in Lincolnshire, 1919. He wrote over 20 crime novels and under other names, including James Ditton and Peter Hosier.

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