Dying to Know by Keith McCarthy

Dying to Know by Keith McCarthy

October, 1975. When Dr Lance Elliot receives a call from his elderly father to say that he has been arrested for arson, he can hardly believe what he is hearing. Especially when he discovers that the intended victim was his father’s neighbour, Oliver Lightoller, with whom his father has had a long running feud.

But things quickly take a dark turn when Lance stumbles across Lightoller’s body, which has been pinned by an old sword to an office chair in the dead man’s South London antiques shop.

The redoubtable Inspector Masson is keen to find his man, and seems sure that Dr Elliot and his father are involved in the murder.

Will Lance be able to get to the bottom of the mystery and prove their innocence?

Keith McCarthy is a working pathologist, living on the edge of the English Cotswolds with his wife and three daughters. He is the author of the critically acclaimed John Eisenmenger forensic mystery series, which includes: A Feast of CarrionThe Silent Sleep of the DyingThe Final AnalysisA World Full of WeepingThe Rest is SilenceWith a Passion Put to Use and, most recently, Corpus Delicti.

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