Easy by Phillip DePoy

Easy by Phillip DePoy

Flap Tucker is no ordinary private investigator. He’s got a cosmic connection to the universe, a special way of locating things that have been lost.

His best friend, the beautiful Dalliance Oglethorpe, is no stranger to Flap’s unusual talents, so when Looney Lenny comes looking for help, she doesn’t hesitate to ask. Flap’s used to strange cases, but he has no idea just how strange his world is about to get: A dead drag queen in a pentagram. Two topless dancers stuffed in a trunk. A pretty blue Buick. Tibetan religious artefacts. And Looney Lenny’s vanished wife, who might not even exist in the first place. It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Atlanta.

With each step he takes, the more Flap becomes convinced that all these seemingly unrelated incidents are connected somehow. As the case grows more and more sinister, he lets his mind go where only he can, letting a Zen-like truth illuminate the path and lead him to the answer. What waits for him there reveals he’s the only thing that stands in a killer’s way…

Phillip DePoy is an American playwright, poet, and author.

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