Elected for Death by Valerie Wolzien

Elected for Death by Valerie Wolzien

Among rich northeastern suburbanites, politics can be poison.

Hancock, Connecticut—a historic enclave of wealth and conservatism—is in the final heat of a three-way mayoral election when long-shot candidate Ivan Deakin takes a sip of cyanide-laced water and is retired to the morgue.

His murder exacerbates an already fierce controversy over proposed changes to local real estate rules—changes that would drastically alter property values. Like everyone else, amateur sleuth Susan Henshaw suspects unusually dirty politics, and when her husband—who’s running for town council—is tarred in the general smearing, Susan gets serious about finding Ivan’s killer.

In the excellent Elected for Death the possibilities are myriad, for Ivan Deakin was a political loose cannon, and the murkiness of his business deals is matched only by the notoriety of his romantic adventures.…

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