Enchanted Britain by Marc Alexander

Enchanted Britain by Marc Alexander

Fairies, witches, dragons and demons…step into a Britain shrouded in the supernatural.

In this well researched and riveting book, Marc Alexander traces the mystical roots of almost one hundred sites across the length and breadth of Britain.

Alongside icons such as Stonehenge and Loch Ness, Alexander reveals some of the lesser known locations of wizardry, mythology and standing stones that haunt the landscape.

From the ancient mysteries of Avebury to the witchcraft of Wookey Hole, this enchanting guide of the country’s most magical spots is a must for anyone interested in folklore, the supernatural, British history, or just a diversion from the usual hike in the country.

Marc Alexander left Poverty Bay, New Zealand, to become a journalist in London. After four years on Fleet Street, he became the editorial director of a small magazine group, then the organiser of an annual film festival. Four years ago he became a full-time author, his books ranging from science fiction to history.

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