Facets of War by Elizabeth Darrell

Facets of War by Elizabeth Darrell

A secret spanning generations. A conflict to be resolved in the sky.

When Tom Selby’s mother remarries Bond Street jeweler Maurice Lingard, he is ignored. Rising to become a famous racing driver, he mourns the loss of his father in the Great War. On the other side of the world, Scott, Maurice’s son by his first marriage, is now the general manager of a small South African diamond mine supplying stones to the London jewellers.

When tragedy sends Scott to England to join the RAF, the lives of these two young men who are fighting the enemy in the sky become intertwined. They are sent to the same squadron, fall in love with the same woman, and are forced to come to terms with the past they never had, and with the chequered future they must face.

Set against the backdrop of World War Two this gripping historical saga is the story of two men who, unknown to each other, are irrevocably linked by curious circumstances. A perfect read for fans of Beryl Kingston and Mary Ann Shaffer.

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