Fair Wind of Love by Rosalind Laker

Fair Wind of Love by Rosalind Laker


Recently orphaned and disappointed in love, Sarah Kingsley leaves England and joins the flow of emigrants to Canada in the early years of the nineteenth century to make a new life for herself.

But on the ship she became irrevocably committed to caring for the two young children of a dying fellow-passenger, promising to reunite them with their father who was awaiting them in Ontario. She was backed in her decision by a young doctor, Phillip Mannings, but he had no idea of the hazards and hardships she was to face when the man was not to be found …

Fair Wind of Love is a moving historical saga that follows a young woman through the ups and downs of youth and the men she falls in love with as she attempts to build a new life in an unknown world. This is the story of the one she stays with and the one that she will always hold dear to her heart.

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