Familiar Spirits by Leonard Tourney

Familiar Spirits by Leonard Tourney

Three innocents stand accused of sorcery and soon no one is safe…

The town of Chelmsford is going mad with the frenzy of witch hunting. Neighbours accuse one another with no cause, hysterical at the sudden death of a townsman and sightings of an apparition of a dead young woman. County Constable Matthew Stock, a humble clothier by trade, and his practical-minded wife Joan must set things right.

As the village becomes inflamed with terror, Matthew cleverly begins to piece together a deceptively simple tale of innocence and guilt, heaven and hell, to reveal the long-hidden secrets behind the strange bewitchings…

Leonard Tourney was born and raised in Southern California, Leonard Tourney has spent his professional life as a teacher of writing and literature, especially that of William Shakespeare. He has written eight earlier mystery novels featuring the detective Matthew Stock and his wife, Joan. Since 1985, Tourney has been on the faculty of the Writing Program at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is married to the actress/director Judith Olauson.

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