Follow That Gun by Gerald Hammond

Follow That Gun by Gerald Hammond

Are they chasing danger, or the truth?

For many years Keith Calder has been making lucrative sales of his antique guns to Mr Foster, an agent for major collectors. However, Keith’s daughter Deborah is suspicious of the buyer. Why does he always pay such large sums in cash? Why does his car have fake number plates? When it turns out Foster was running a money-laundering scam, they tell the police, and Foster’s cover is blown.

When only a few weeks later a raid on the Calder home leaves Keith and his brother-in-law Ronnie in hospital, and the family’s valuable gunroom empty, it’s clear who’s to blame. So it’s up to Deborah, with her husband Detective Inspector Ian Fellowes, to follow the trail to the guns – and to a ruthless man who will stop at nothing. Not even murder…

Follow That Gun is a gripping crime-thriller that delves deep into a criminal underworld.

Gerald Hammond lives in Scotland, with his wife, and has three sons and four granddaughters. He spends his time shooting, fishing and writing – ‘Anything else I do reluctantly and under protest.’ He is the author of over thirty mystery novels.

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