Follow Your Heart by Emilie Loring

Follow Your Heart by Emilie Loring

She tried to tell herself that no one fell in love at first sight. But she knew this was the only man she would ever love. Then the mystery surrounding him grew.

On her twenty-first birthday, the Bellamy Daughter would inherit all the fabulous Bellamy millions. But as the day drew nearer, lovely, auburn-haired Jill Bellamy became the victim of a series of “mysterious” accidents, and she could no longer hide the fact that someone was trying to kill her.

Was it Chet Bennett, her own guardian’s son? Could it be Don Holt, the fascinating visitor? Or was it Jim Trevor, the ambitious young lawyer, who had completely stolen her heart away?

Follow Your Heart is a fast-paced novel of glamour, mystery and romance.

Emilie Loring was an American romance author who started writing in 1914 and continued writing until her death in 1951. Following her death, her sons continued to publish her work found at her estate.

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