Fortune’s Wheel by Rhoda Edwards

Fortune’s Wheel by Rhoda Edwards

The year is 1469 and the War of the Roses is raging.

Young Richard Gloucester waits in the wings, witnessing the formidable struggle for power between his brother Edward IV and the magnificent Richard Neville – the infamous Warwick the Kingmaker. But Richard’s own life is in turmoil, for he has fallen in love with Warwick’s daughter, Anne. Now he is torn by a bitter conflict: his loyalties divided between the passion he feels for his enemy’s child and a fierce loyalty to his brother.

Fortunes change with violent and dizzying speed – from triumph and power to poverty and despair, culminating in the two bloody battles which resolve Edward and Warwick’s argument. It seems that at last Richard and Anne can be together – but even now their happiness is threatened…

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