Give a Dog a Name by Gerald Hammond

Give a Dog a Name by Gerald Hammond

After a surprise visit from a rich local businessman with a shot and wounded dog, John Cunningham, owner of the Three Oaks Kennel, is rocked by a double dose of misfortune. Or was someone trying to destroy his livelihood?

First, the cleverly faked photographic evidence of Cunningham beating his own spaniel, Stardust, is brought to the attention of a local show judge. Before the matter can be investigated, Stardust herself disappears; only to be replaced by an almost identical dog.

Convinced that he’s fallen victim to an ingenious frame-up, Cunningham decides to make some enquiries of his own. Beginning with a trigger-happy stranger with a spaniel in his sights…

Gerald Hammond worked as an architect for thirty years, which, he says, was quite long enough. In 1982 he accepted a nominal retirement. He lives in Scotland and spends his time shooting, fishing, and writing. ‘Anything else, I do reluctantly and under protest.’

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