Goddesses Never Die by George B Mair

Goddesses Never Die by George B Mair

Set in the Himalayas, this seventh David Grant thriller has all the narrative power and exotic colour for which George Mair has been acclaimed in five continents.

Hashish and LSD are the weapons chosen by the Mafia and Cosa Nostra to corrupt western society on a global scale and to promote a world take-over by permissive politicians assisted by hippies, beatniks and flower people. A remote Himalayan village controlled by a woman who was once a Living Goddess in Kathmandu’s Kumari Devi Temple becomes the headquarters for organised world revolt—and David Grant, on leave from his duties as NATO’s special intelligence agent, is drawn into one of the most dramatic episodes of his career.

A casual meeting with Harmony Dove—socialite, mystery woman and man-hunter—involves Grant in a fantastic battle of wits in which civilisation itself is at stake.

George Brown Mair was born at Troon in Scotland in May, 1914 and was educated at Kilmarnock Academy and Glasgow University, where he qualified as a doctor. He visited most European countries, Asia from Japan to Turkey, South America, the West Indies, Canada, the United States, and parts of Africa. With his Dutch wife Trudie, he visited nearly all the Communist countries in Europe, during the course of which they were the first to photograph the interior of the Kremlin palaces and met many Soviet leaders.

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