Grizzly Trail by Gwen Moffat

Grizzly Trail by Gwen Moffat

Miss Pink is making her way through the Rockies alone in winter, with her jeep at base camp for her mountaineering assaults on the peaks.

It is tough going, not least when Miss Pink meets a grizzly bear, upright and threatening, ready to kill her with the swipe of a paw.

In Cougar Canyon, she has come to the Logan ranch to join her friend Seale. The closest neighbours of the Logans are the Trotters who make an illicit living killing protected species of wildlife, and the Farrells who have a run-down ‘dude ranch’.

When corpses start to be found, can the killings really be blamed on the grizzly bears?

Gwen Moffat’s main interests are wilderness areas and the genesis of murder, and all her books have featured one or the other. Moffat has written six travel books and twenty-six novels, including Dying for Love and Private Sins.

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