Growing Your Family Tree by Cherry Gilchrist

Growing Your Family Tree by Cherry Gilchrist

How much does our ancestry shape our identity? And how relevant is it to our lives today?

In this practical and inspiring book, experienced family researcher Cherry Gilchrist takes us on a fascinating journey to the heart of who we really are and demonstrates how looking at our past can change the present. As you find more names to add to your tree and the stories of your family unfold, so too will your own story – and what you discover may affect your outlook and your choices in life.

Featuring tips and guidance from other family historians and all the practical information you need to get started on your search, this book will be a treasure trove for both the complete novice and the experienced researcher looking for fresh ideas and inspiration.

Cherry Gilchrist is an award-winning writer and author of nearly thirty books on personal development, relationships, mythology and culture.

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