High Infidelity by Pamela Fudge

High Infidelity by Pamela Fudge

When a brief affair in Tina Brown’s past resulted in an unplanned pregnancy, she decided not to share the news with the father, Calum Stacey.

Tina brought up Leanne alone, having decided to provide her with the full facts of her past once she turned 18 years old. With her birthday just months away, Leanne is rushed into a hospital with suspected meningitis, and Tina feels she has no choice but to contact Calum without delay.

Calum’s engagement to a well-known celebrity makes him newsworthy, and in the face of the mounting speculations surrounding his past, both Tina and Calum must set aside their animosity in the interest of protecting their daughter from the sudden media intrusion.

Pamela Fudge, born in Poole, Dorset is an author, ghost writer and speaker, whose love of poetry initially led her to further explore her talent for creative writing. Having now developed a substantial portfolio of widely-published romance novels, Pam shares her talents with other aspiring writers, tutoring Writing For Pleasure And Profit classes for the local Adult Education Service. She is also a member of Wessex Writers, The Romantic Novelists’ Association, The Society of Women Writers and Journalists and The Society of Authors.

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