Home To Roost by Gerald Hammond

Home To Roost by Gerald Hammond

Gerald Hammond’s Keith Calder mysteries continue to delight a devoted following, each new tale of gunsport and sleuthing in the Scottish Highlands told with a new take on the Calder clan.

In Home to Roost, daughter Deborah—heroine of Hammond’s Let Us Prey—takes on rogue-hunting and romance in one fell swoop.

When Detective Sergeant Fellowes learns that poachers are operating in his area, he’s of two minds about whether to take the matter seriously—after all, his superiors can’t even agree whether it’s worth the trouble to investigate the problem. But when he goes on his first pigeon shoot with Deborah, and a missing-sportsman case comes his way, Fellowes feels bound to follow up; and with the gun-sporting expertise of Deborah Calder at the ready, the Calder/Fellowes team finds itself on the trail of not only a murderer but a burgeoning mutual attraction as well.

Born in 1926, Gerald Hammond lived in Scotland, where he retired from his profession as an architect in 1982 to pursue his love of shooting and fishing and to write full time. After his first novel, Fred in Situ, was published in 1965, Gerald became a prolific author with over 70 published novels. Most of his novels were published under his own name, but he also wrote under the pseudonyms Arthur Douglas and Dalby Holden.

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