Hot Ice by Madge Swindells

Hot Ice by Madge Swindells

A brutal wedding day kidnapping. A choice.

When Sienna Sheik is brutally kidnapped on her wedding day, Christine Winters does everything in her power to save her.

And when Chris is headhunted by an agency that specialises in criminal investigations and terrorism, she is given the perfect opportunity to solve the mystery of her friend’s disappearance. Suddenly, she finds herself thrown from an unfulfilling career into the dangerous underworld of diamond laundering, civil war and terrorism.

A lone woman in a man’s world, Chris must use her integrity, wit and bravery to uncover the truths surrounding her friend’s kidnapping as well as battling her own demons. Hot Ice a gripping thriller for fans of James Patterson.

Madge Swindells was born and educated in England. The author of numerous novels, her work has been translated into nine languages and has reached bestseller lists across the world. She currently lives in Kent.

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