Human Being to Human Bomb by Russell Razzaque

Human Being to Human Bomb by Russell Razzaque

In Human Being to Human Bomb, psychiatrist and journalist Russell Razzaque looks at the motivations of the London bombers and the 9/11 attackers from a psychological point of view. He finds some startling similarities. Strict, distant fathers and obsessive personalities play a major role. They all felt more at home with the rational and the science-based than with the intuitive and emotional. Lacking a strong sense of identity, they all felt alienated from the West and grew to despise it.

Having experienced extremist Islam at university in London in 1989, Razzaque has watched this harrowing conversion from close quarters. Now, he presents for the first time the outlines of a test to detect vulnerability to jihadist thinking, a psychological device that could play a significant role in preventing atrocities such as those in London, New York, Madrid and elsewhere.

Unique, personal and expertly researched, Human Being to Human Bomb shines a light on the real psychology behind Islamic suicide bombing.

Russell Razzaque is a Muslim and a consultant psychiatrist in east London, where, over the last decade, he has established counselling, leisure, outreach and recreational projects for young Muslims locally. His media appearances are numerous, including the Independent, the Daily Telegraph and SKY News.

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