Illegal Tender by Gerald Hammond

Illegal Tender by Gerald Hammond

He knew about the million-pound scam. But he didn’t expect the murder.

When Henry Kitts pays a routine visit to his wealthy ward, Elizabeth, it soon transpires that she has been duped out of one-and-a-half million pounds by a fraudulent e-mail scam.

Henry investigates in the hope of tracking down the fraudster. Then matters take a more chilling turn when Henry discovers the body of Maurice Cowieson, a local businessman, who appears to have been killed in a car crash. But upon further examination his injuries tell an altogether different story. Has a clever financial trickster now turned his hand to murder?

Gerald Hammond worked as an architect for thirty years, before taking early retirement in 1982. He lives in Scotland, with his wife, and has three sons and four granddaughters. He spends his time shooting, fishing and writing.

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