In Camera by Gerald Hammond

In Camera by Gerald Hammond

Keith Calder’s gunsmithing used to be confined to the tools of sport. Did he ever expect to encounter an assassin?

Along with whisky, bagpipes, and golf, the Scots have added in the last decade another robust, entertaining tradition: the Highland mysteries of Gerald Hammond, peopled with a colorful assortment of characters and, in his best-known Keith Calder series, filled with fascinating gun lore. In Camera finds Calder, during a slow summer at the gunshop, interviewing a new job candidate. But when a series of questions about the applicant’s references reveals a sinister tale suggesting nothing less than an assassination plot, Calder is met with a case whose repercussions may reach far beyond rural Newton Lauder.

Born in 1926, Gerald Hammond lived in Scotland, where he retired from his profession as an architect in 1982 to pursue his love of shooting and fishing and to write full time. After his first novel, Fred in Situ, was published in 1965, Gerald became a prolific author with over 70 published novels. Most of his novels were published under his own name, but he also wrote under the pseudonyms Arthur Douglas and Dalby Holden.

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